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Happy hens for your back garden

Hens for sale

Hens for sale

I will have 8 types of Hybrid available for collection:

Coral Nick: A pure white bird that lays 350 eggs/year                                                                              

Hipswell Sussex: A Light Sussex hybrid that's easy to handle lays 300 eggs/year                                      

Hipswell Coucou: A French Maran based speckeldy hybrid that lays a darker brown egg                        

Rhode Rock: A Rhode Island Red based hybrid, black with a few gold neck feathers. Lays 300 eggs /year

Silver Amber Link: A Rhode Island White based hybrid, white with a few toffee coloured feathers on the wings. Lays 300 eggs/year                                                                                                                                                     

Blue Haze: An attractive bird with grey colouring Lays 300 eggs /year 

Pied Suffolk: A striking black and white bird, lays a brown egg 300 eggs/year                                            

Glencroft Ranger: A traditional brown hen who lays brown eggs 300 eggs/year                                           

 £15 each 

If you would like to see the chickens in the field and view them before you buy please telephone to arrange an appoinment